capitol crimes“What Happened the Day We Captured HIM.”

An evening fog had rolled in off the hill as the rider entered into the stables. The skies were clear with no clouds and the night air brought in a chill to the ranch. The Vice President had just got off his enormous black stead Cannonball. No one knows why he named him Cannonball. Late night rides were a ritual for him whenever visiting the ranch. As the Vice President got off the large beast he saw a shadow in the corner of the stall.
"Mr. President?"
The figure moved into the light and remained silent.
"I knew that was you George. You won't get any sleep tonight. I can guarantee it."
"Dick, I want to be ready for the burden this country is giving me. I had to get out of the house and be alone in the dark. I have to mentally prepare myself."
"You are ready George and you don't even know it. Preparation is the wrong idea. It has to be done quickly and shamelessly."
"How the hell would you know? This is my crutch to bear and for my country I will hold it up."
"Were you just practicing your speech on me? Be honest with me and stop saying it's all for your country when it truly is personal. We both knew it would come to this. No one knows old world politics like you and me. Our whole lives we knew the greater good. We knew the world’s hidden evils."
George walks out of the barn laughing. "Here comes Dr. Cheney's philosophy on Good and Evil." Angrily Dick steps behind George and shoves him to the ground. He stands over George who is still laughing.
"I did my duty. I did my part. Now it's your turn to take that final step."
"Let's stop talking in riddles and say what it is that I'm going do. I'm gonna blow his brains out and then sign a note expressing the sovereignty of the..."
"Shut up George. You think it's a joke. Do you know what he did to us? When you pull that trigger a lot of pain and stress will go away. Not to mention oil prices are sure to drop when his home country is informed. Condi’s good at delivering bad news." They both start laughing uncontrollably until George pats Dick on the back and sits down on the bench outside the large red barn. The moon is shining bright giving off enough light to make it almost look like dawn.
Dick starts to scowl at George asking, "When did they get him?"
"Well Condi called me last night and told me he was being transferred to the Whitehouse bunker today. That's why we’re at the ranch. Far from any danger until it's time".
Dick has a deeper scowl and a look of disappointment. "They've probably had him since that attack last week. Why didn't we know he was in North Korea?"
"No, we knew but we couldn't act without China. And in China he's not the enemy. He's just an asshole to the Chinese. They won't break treaties for assholes. Not even that Dalai Lama."
George stands up and starts to walk to the house but stops after a fee steps and looks back at the Vice President. "You want some lemonade Dick? Mom makes the best you know."
"Well, only if you have that secret ingredient for special occasions."
They both walk up the stoned walkway towards the house. It’s a winding pathway that most people avoid and just walk up the lane. Dick and George choose the rough slow walk to have more time to ponder their choices and how it led them to this night.
George opens the door and says, "The whiskey is in the cabinet next to the oven". As they walk in the back door of the house the sun breaches the horizon with bolts of light dancing over the hills.

In the morning the sun was in full glory without a cloud to hold it back. The grass had droplets of morning dew which gave it a diamond shimmer from the beams of sunrays. The President was standing at his bedroom window looking out at the view of the southern ranch complex.  A tiny rainbow was peeking off the pond in a dense mist covering the water. A voice was heard from behind the President.
"Hey son?"
George turns around and sees his dad standing in the doorway to his master bedroom. The former President is tall and thin with a definite age on his face. The burden of his past days shows in his face even though he is no longer President with deep responsibilities. George Senior knows what is troubling his son but he has to keep the momentum up or this day will not end the way it was originally planned.
George turns from the window to look at his father, "Hey Dad".
George walks over to his bed and notices Laura is not there. "I guess she got up to fix breakfast."
"No, she left early this morning. She's not going with us." George Senior walks over to the bed and sits next to his son.
"This is not a moment for outsiders. They need deniability. This is just for us. Those that have sworn the oath to protect this country."
"I understand dad."
"You took it well when you found out the choices I made for this country." George Senior starts to laugh. This gesture of lightheartedness puts a huge smile on the face of the son and adds fresh air to the somber atmosphere surrounding the house.
“I was so proud the day you took the oath, but even prouder the day Bill and I disclosed that top secret dossier. You wrapped your instincts around that information and made it your life".
"I was terrified".
"Don't spoil the moment George. Stop wearing your weaknesses on your sleeve."
The former President chuckles with a small laugh and then clears his throat.
"Son, this is an even prouder moment." He puts his around his son and pulls him close. The next words are said in almost a whisper.
"You took care of the Saddam issue indirectly but this time, this time you get to take it into your own hands. Not many Presidents have had this honor. Well officially they know about Jefferson’s Whitehouse execution, but we know the rest unofficially."
George Senior puts his head down and says “What happened with Katrina was a mistake. Grandpa Prescott would have known what was in your heart. Who cares if a few people think ignorantly and think the worst? I know you Georgey and you do like all people”.
The father rises and heads out of the room. He stops but doesn't turn around to look his son in face. "Most people wouldn't understand what you are about to do but the people that live by these standards, and agree with your actions of upholding our New World Order, will all be in that room today. See you in the Oval Office."
A solitary tear rolled down the face of George. He wiped it away and got up to look out the window again.

As the Air Force One helicopter touched down on the lawn there were only two people to greet the President, his father and the Vice President.
Both former Presidents stepped up to the copter and greeted everyone aboard with the warmest words of "Good day Gentlemen".
"Hey Jim, hey Bill". The President said as he jumped out of the copter. The Vice President got out and had no words for Bill.
"Hey Jim".
"Let's get on with this, please", .the President uttered.
The former President grabbed W's arm and whispered in his ear "I only had one special moment in that office but it was nothing like your task today." The President grimaced and pulled his arm away. "So are you gonna do it proper or do it gangster style tipped to the side? That's how they do it in Harlem." The President speeds up his stride and walks away from Bill.
The five men enter the Whitehouse all in manly strides and are welcomed by the house attendants. Jim leans over to George and says the Sig 226 you requested is here.
George Senior adds by saying "It was my service weapon from when I was with the agency".
They all leave George in the hallway as they enter the Oval Office. George takes 5 minutes to reflect. He gazes at the paintings on the walls and then he walks up to the door and bursts into the office. They are all standing around the desk. The Sig Sauer is lying on a blue velvet pillow with a full clip resting beside it. Dick raises the pillow and George grabs the pistol. For the first time since he entered the room he sees the man in white robes and a small head wrapping. He is kneeling in the middle of the room. George walks over to him while sliding the clip in the gun. George racks the slide and  aims slowly while he puts the gun to the back of the kneeling mans head and pulls the trigger.

©Copyright Kevin F. Pickett 2009

**This story was created for fan appreciation and entertainment only. The creator/author of this story does not benefit financially (or otherwise) from this work.