ROD - Ring of Domination, is a wrestling/martial arts manga. It follows the story of a Professional Wrestling League that stages its matches in the Roman Grand Coliseum. The contests are mixed with martial artists and wrestling competitors going for glory in real live combat.

Since the times of the Ancient Roman Empire, the Coliseum has been the backdrop for competition between mortal men for the right to be called the victor.This made it more fitting as a premier location for Ring Of Domination. The wrestlers fight like gladiators in the ring. The fighting styles vary from Greco-Roman wrestling, sumo wrestling and even mixed martial arts. People tune in from around the world to see the best compete. ROD has climbed into the world wide arena of sports entertainment and run by a billion dollar corporation.



rudolph In the world of Ring Of Domination the show is televised all over the world and owned by a tyrant enterprenuer, Rudolph Wong. He has single-handedly bought the Coliseum and renovated it for his stage. Mr. Wong has no patience for losers or anyone in his way of making money. He will make ROD the top sport on the planet with top dollar Pay Per Views. Rudolph wants to be the richest man on Earth and will stop at nothing to get there.
Hysteria is the toughest woman in ROD. She's willing to fight anyone to get the proper respect amongst the guys. Her goal is champion gold but Mr. Wong will make her work hard for that coveted prize. She knows the road will be tough but her amazonian warrior like nature keeps her going. hysteria
caesar The top wrestler in ROD is Caesar, real name Jeff Augustus. A greco-roman style wrestler who climbed to the top on his own. Jeff is a fan favorite and truly gets off hearing his name being cheered on during a fight. He is a former champion and is looking to regain his champion belt sooner then later. Mr. Wong has other plans to further the business and Caesar is not included in them.


ROD was written and created by Kevin F. Pickett. All illustrations are done by Lucas Espelosin.

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