Chapter 6 – Honorable Jedi

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The Jedi Temple was glowing with the sun’s light glaring behind it. Three figures could be seen descending the stairs. It was Renin Diggs being accompanied by two armed Jedi. Their lightsabers were extended, one blue and one green. Renin was unarmed and freely walking in front of the Jedi.

As Renin left the Temple complex he was startled by a presence in the force coming behind him. He turned to see Master Yoda walking behind him. Yoda’s head was up and looking right at Renin.

Renin said, “Come to see me off Master Yoda?”

“A present for you I have. Taken by us your lightsaber was. Powerful it is. True white it is now. A stable weapon it has become in my care. Take it you shall and victory will be yours. Travel to the center of Coruscant where your find your master. Uncover his plot and in our debt you will be.” Yoda handed Renin back his lightsaber and returned to the temple.

Renin took the saber and placed it on his belt as he walked away from the Jedi Temple. His mission was clear. Confront his master and stop him. Stopping him wouldn’t be easy. Confronting him was risky was he knew Kobold would probably find him first. Kobold’s robotic eye had newer sensors integrated by Renin after Kobold’s last battle. He could track a Wookie flee from here to Bespin. He was on Renin’s trail but something else brought Kobold to Coruscant.

Renin traveled to 500 Republica on the outskirts of Coruscant. This is where the social and economical elite played on Coruscant. It also had older buildings that reached down the core of the planet.  This is where Renin was headed. This is where Kobold was hiding.


Gaining access to these prestigious dwellings was impossible for anyone but Renin. He could speak elegantly with his finger tips in any machine language in the galaxy. That kind of power made any electronic mechanized lock an open door.

Renin went for the opera house knowing he’d be able to blend in to the crowd if needed. He easily walked in with a group of Senators from the Galactic Council. Renin fixed his robes to look more Jedi-like. The opera house guards just assumed he was their bodyguard. After he got in to the opera house he went directly to the elevator lift and took it to the lower level. The lift only went down 20 levels and Renin knew the building went much deeper into the core.

He exited the lift and explored the lower level and only found garbage facilities. Renin looked all over the level for access points to any lower levels. The only lower access point was the garbage chute that delivered all of the buildings waste into the foulest reaches of Coruscant’s under belly.

Renin took a look down the chute and only saw darkness. As he pulled is head back he felt a disturbance that could only be described as evil. He ducked as he turned to avoid the swinging red light from Kobold’s lightsaber blade.

“Hello boy! Funny I should find you here looking in the trash. Disgraceful!” scoffed Kobold.

Renin couldn’t believe his reflexes were good enough to avoid an unexpected death strike from his master. One moment sooner and Renin would have lost his head. But the young Sith Apprentice was quick enough and smart enough to keep moving away from Kobold. He wanted confrontation but not on Kobold’s terms.

Renin rolled to the right before springing to his feet. The Sith Lord was on his tail and not hesitating as he taunted his apprentice. Kobold swung left and right narrowly missing Renin but carelessly striking and destroying every trash bin on the level. Kobold’s rage was fully engaged and he swung with anger on every stroke. Renin was able to create some distance between himself and Kobold. Kobold slowed his attack. His aggression was not helping him get Renin. Renin paused for a minute while Kobold was contemplating his next move.

Renin felt this was the right time so he tried to sprint towards the lift. As his foot touched the pad of the lift he was thrown backwards and into a wall. Renin tried to get up and resume his run but was thrown back again. His body was being held like a rag doll in the grip of Kobold’s force hold.

Kobold stood by the trash bins wielding his force magic as Renin was held helpless above him.

“I do not think I have any use left for you boy” said Kobold as he force-pushed Renin down the garbage chute.

Renin tumbled down the chute trying to steady himself before he reached the bottom. He caught a hold of one side and extended his legs to slow his descent. As he skidded towards the abyss of Coruscant all Renin could think about was how much his head felt like it did the day he tried to out drink his cousin Trenlak. The twisting and turning reminded him of that day.

The garbage chute emptied out to a great gorge and fell into a river like a waterfall. This was one of those secret caverns hidden below Coruscant. Renin’s body shot out of the mouth of the chute like a canon. He flailed in the air as he flew across the river. As he came down into the water he composed himself and used his force-push in a unique way. Renin had managed to use his force-push to help him glide over the water. To anyone looking it appeared as though Renin was walking on water. He saw the river bank up ahead but he knew Kobold was coming after him and better hiding place was needed.


Kobold arrived in the cavern gliding out of the garbage chute. He was untouched by filth and his descent was well controlled down to the water. He did not use his force-push like Renin but instead took the plunge and went feet first into the water.

His slipped all the way to the bottom. Kobold used the force to keep himself upright. The old Sith Lord was no newcomer to controlled breathing and had no problem staying below to check out the surrounding area for an ambush.

Kobold’s hair swayed back and forth as he turned vigorously around to catch site of Renin. He did not see Renin at all. He pushed up to ascend back to the surface. As his face broke the surface a blaze of white light scattered across the water. The white lightsaber blade diffused in the water as it struck down by Kobold’s face. Kobold sprung out of the water using a great force push. The old Sith Lord hovered over the water enveloped in a wave of water from his leap. Renin was hanging from the top of the cavern swinging his blade furiously to destroy his former master.

When he realized he missed Kobold he righted himself and force-walked over the water towards Kobold. Kobold was also walking towards Renin. They both had their lightsabers extended. Renin was holding a very powerful white lightsaber. Kobold noticed the all white saber was stable but he kept his focus on death. This was the time to kill the boy. Kobold knew this was the right place. No witnesses and also conveniently near the Jedi Temple. Their curiosity will bring them and then Kobold will be able to exact more revenge.

Renin’s walk was slow but he knew he could be victorious.  Kobold was vicious and deadly but he did not master the lightsaber. He did not put his focus and time into combat. Kobold was a blaster and rifle kind of killer. He had maybe killed once with his hands. This did not give Renin an advantage but rather it gave him a fighting chance.

Kobold was on the attack. His blade has held high and he came down with great speed. Renin almost did not have time to dodge it. A counter strike would have been the best strategy but Kobold’s menacing fight style was keeping Renin off balance. This was not how he attacked Renin on the Sith home world. This was different. Kobold may have only wished to injure or maim his apprentice before. Now he was trying to kill him.

Renin stayed on the retreat. While defending Kobold’s attack he had to also keep his focus on staying above water. From a distance it looked as if two ghostly figures were dancing on the ripples in the water. The water swirled and splashed where ever they went. The droplets of water sizzled on the blades of light of the sabers. The scene was almost magical.

Renin used his mastery of the force to do a double force push giving him enough distance to not only block Kobold’s attack but now mount his own attack. Blade clashed with blade and Kobold held his ground. Renin did not relinquish his attack. He used his force lightning to distract Kobold. This was the first time Kobold had seen a Sith Lord use force lightning while attacking with a lightsaber. This was new. The things he could learn from his apprentice are endless. This was not going to happen since one of them was going to die today.

Renin could not think of what else to try because Kobold was not backing down. Kobold was not tiring. This battle could go on for days. Renin was weakening from his use of the lightning and was losing his offense. He was slipping back into defense. He had to hold on. He had to hold on long enough for help. His thoughts seemed to be empowered because as he thought about help he started to see cloaked Jedi’s appear all along the edges of the lake. They were all here for a fight. Renin looked behind him and saw Master Yoda standing with his lightsaber extended. Then all the Jedi’s extended their blades at the same time. It was a Jedi army and they had come to save Renin. Kobold had not yet noticed and was able to keep his focus on Renin and with two clean swipes he severed both legs of Renin.

Renin fell to his back and then could see R2 flying above and projecting a hologram of the Jedi. They were not actually here. But Kobold did not know that. Kobold was looking around at the Jedi in terror. He knew he was out numbered. He could not decide how to handle this so he lowered his lightsaber. Renin took his shot and used all his force energy to raise his body up and spin in a tornado fashion towards Kobold. He was able to slice Kobold’s head off before he knew what happened. Renin had destroyed the Sith Lord with the help of R2. He had entrusted his droid in the care of the Jedi and he saved his life again. Renin knew he brought his droid to the right people. He was not going to live past this day but he knew his droid would be in the best hands.


Master Yoda had been meditating for days on what to do with R2. They had buried his maker in the crypts below the Jedi Temple. He was not a Jedi but if fate had not intervened by way of the Sith, Renin would have never met his end as an ally of the Jedi. They honored Renin Diggs and they also left his droids future in the hands of Master Yoda.

Yoda could sense the future for this droid but he could not keep him with the Jedi. That would put this droid in too much danger. Instead he had him shipped to Industrial Automaton for refitting. This way anyone finding him would only think it’s an Astromech droid. Yoda even commissioned a line of droids to be made in what was to be known as the R2 series. No one could ever be sure which one was Renin 2.0. So Yoda designated this model R2D2 as a code for his creator, Renin Diggs.




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