All written by Kevin F. Pickett



R2D2 Dark Droid Of The Sith - This is a fan fiction I created to explore the origin of R2D2. Who made him? What special powers does he possess? I answered these questions with my wide imagination and genuine love for the Star Wars Universe. I hope you enjoy .

Smurf Zombies - The whole Smurf Village is overrun with the Zombie disease. The story begins with a moment of passion between two Smurfs. Enjoy…

Night Of The Smurfing Dead: Smurf Zombies 2 - The Zombie plague was finished or was it…? The little blue elfs are back in a struggle to save their village from the apocalypse of the walking dead. In times like these there is always a smurf that stands out and becomes the hero but who will save them this time? Who is the 13th Smurf? Read the new story by Screaming Monkeys writer Kevin F. Pickett and learn the anwers to these questions.

Riddick is Dead - A fan fiction short story I wrote based on The Chronicles of Riddick. It takes place right after Riddick escaped from one of his first prisons. Riddick goes on a dark journey into himself finding out what truly lurks beneath his soul. Does he have a soul?

Artemis Strange has Graven Confessions - Artemis Strange was one of New York's Finest Detectives before he was murdered. Now he is immortal and has returned to protect us from the evil. Graven Confessions tells a supernatural tale in the breaking dawn of a night in NYC.

Capitol Crimes - What Happened the Day we Captured HIM? The fictional story of the day as it unfolded for President Bush when we captured Osama Bin Laden.

President Garibaldi's Secession of Mars from the Interstellar Alliance and How He Did It with a TV Remote - A Babylon 5 short story about Michael Garibaldi's rise to the Presidency of Mars and Secession from the Alliance.

Hellraiser on Elm Street - Freddy has tempted fate and picked up a puzzle box. He solves the box and discovers the Cenobite Pinhead. Pinhead is now conjured for Freddy’s bidding. Is this a chance meeting or is it predestined? This is the tale of the first meeting between the knife-glove freak and latex-clad hell beast. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!




Star Trek Voyager Episode

Kevin attempted to write a Star Trek script not too long ago. He hated the Voyager Series so much he thought he could write an episode to spice things up. The episode is about Commander Tuvok and his attempt to take over the ship. Ex crew member Lon Suder's katra is in Tuvok from all of the mind melds they shared. Lon Sudor was played by Brad Dourif (Child's Play,2,3,4, Death Machine, Deadwood). Brad Dourif just happens to be one of my favorites actors. Read the script and enjoy.

lon suder


Kevin wrote this for a contest at The Askew Crapper. It came in 2nd Place. The contest wanted a short story about the fate of a character from Pulp Fiction and there life after the events in the movie. I chose Jules Winfield. In the story he was able to take Jules on a full circle of life in 10 pages. Check it out. He also has a deleted scene. He had to cut the scene because the contest had a max of 10 pages. Read it here first.

jules and vincent




Movie/Music Reviews From The 1990's - He wrote these while writing for his college newspaper at SUNY Buffalo

Interview with Mobb Deep

Mortal Kombat




LL Cool J - 14 Shots To The Dome